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PAX Era Pod by Bloom Farms - Anytime (Hybrid)

PAX Era Pod by Bloom Farms - Anytime (Hybrid)


Bloom Farms Blended Era Pods contain only pure CO2-extracted cannabis oil and naturally-derived terpenes. Now you can enjoy this “High Intensity” Anytime extract paired with the always durable, time-tested PAX Era hardware.

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Bloom Farms Blended Era Pods were designed to take the guesswork out of vaping. They contain nothing but CO2-extracted, all-natural cannabis oils and terpenes derived from those very same plants. Bloom Farms have improved upon their original blended formulas with their “High Intensity” extracts. Anytime is a carefully crafted blend of hybrid cannabis oil, balanced for enjoyment around the clock. Hybrid strains inspire relaxation, creativity, and focus, the perfect remedy for everyday stresses.

Average Potency: 75-79% THC, 0.4-2% CBD

The Bloom Farms brand is a mainstay at Ganja Goddess because they believe, as we do, that cannabis can be used to enhance your life in meaningful ways. Their safe, responsibly-grown cannabis is meticulously lab-tested for purity and consistency, and they actively work to improve the community by reducing harmful stigmas and through the donation of over 1 million meals to people in need. Bloom Farms is committed to providing some of the cleanest cannabis oils on the market, produced ethically and with care in California. 

 Each Bloom Farms Anytime Era Pod contains 0.5g (500mg) of oil.

Bloom Farms Era Pods are designed to be used only with the PAX Era Battery, sold separately.


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