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Bloom Farms Blended Highlighter Cartridges - 0.5g

Bloom Farms Blended Highlighter Cartridges - 0.5g

Bloom Farms makes high quality cannabis oil through CO2 extraction while offering optimal and safe mechanisms in their cartridges. Try the blended half-gram cartridges for whatever mood you're in!

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Bloom Farms Blend CART - Daytime (Sativa)
Bloom Farms Blend CART - Nighttime (Indica)
Bloom Farms Blend CART - Anytime (Hybrid)
Bloom Farms Blend CART - Rose Gold (1:1 CBD)

Bloom Farms has created quality vapor cartridges in 500mg (0.5mL) sizes via CO2 extraction methods. The cartridges themselves have been optimally designed for safety and efficacy, with leach-free thermoplastic and ceramic heating elements, respectively.

The following varieties are offered by Bloom Farm's blended cartridge line:

This version is a blend of sativa varieties, offering an uplifting, mood elevating effect, with increased creativity usually expected. However, keep in mind the possibility of increased paranoia as well, so consume according to tolerance.

Settle into the night as you take puffs of this blend of indica strains, with a body relaxation and mind-settling euphoria to match.

As a mixture of hybrid strains, this set may be beneficial to those who appreciate the complementary effects of calmness and improved mood. This may also mean a less predictable onset and require a higher tolerance to overall THC.

Rose Gold
If you believe there is too much THC in the above mentioned cartridges, then try this 1:1 CBD:THC derived from the famous ACDC strain. As a balanced ratio between cannabidiol (CBD) and THC, one may notice less psychotropic changes and moderate analgesia.

Notes to Customers

Please note the percentage of THC is a relative concentration that may be used to determine strength. The remaining percentage is simply the remaining numerous terpenes and cannabinoids associated with the cannabis plant, extracted via supercriticial CO2. Check out our blog's Cannabis Glossary for more details on these terms.
Please be aware that while both breath-activated and push-button batteries are compatible, breath-activated batteries are most effective. Check out our collection of vape pens here.
Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.
Varieties not listed in pricing area, or those marked red, are likely out of stock.

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