Live resin: you may have heard about it or even tried it, but what is it?

This concentrate has been gaining in popularity this past year, and for good reason. Live resin is a method of extraction that starts with freshly frozen flower instead of flower that has been cured and dried. This process preserves the natural cannabinoid and terpene content that is usually lost during the curing process, allowing for a more tasty and potent end product.

Goddess Delivers carries a wide variety of live resin for every cannaseur. Those looking for the euphoria and relief on a smaller budget will certainly enjoy Reveur: an affordable, clean, and potent line of concentrates. Add some to a bowl, a hand-rolled joint, or dab it on its own! 

If you enjoy organically-grown flower, you'll be sure to love Farmacy Phactory's line of concentrates. Farmacy Phactory is a family-run farm with several generations contributing to the cultivation and processing aspect of their products. They're an organic-practices-only company that focuses on light dep greenhouse and full-spectrum indoor grows in small batches. Their high-terpene full-spectrum extract -- also known as sauce -- has been extracted using meticulously-kept conditions to draw out all of the therapeteutic molecules from the non-essential particles.

If you want solid relief from aches, pain, inflammation, and anxiety, perhaps a CBD concentrate might do the trick! Raw Garden provides a full-suite of options, from indicas to sativas and even high-CBD! All of their flower is organically-grown, and their products are both live resin and HTFSE, or High Terpene Full Spectrum, which are concentrates that consist of mostly cannabis-based terpenes, with granules of THCA distributed throughout. Try their Cherry Wine, testing at 8.01% THC and 68.1% CBD.

So get your rigs out and try some live resin today!