We're excited to announce that we've been nominated for California Cannabis Awards' 'Delivery of The Year!'

Touted as "The Oscars of Cannabis," CCA's awards show is gaining traction and quickly becoming a go-to event in the cannabis space. 

CCA is geared towards nominating and awarding the top companies, entrepreneurs, products, and advocates in the industry, and we're honored to be apart of that list! 

This year, CCA is partnering with two charities to help educate and shine a light on issues revolving cannabis and the cannabis industry. While we've experienced some big wins, there is still plenty of work to be done to make the cannabis space more inclusive and progressive. A portion of all proceeds from the awards show will be donated to their partners to enrich these charities and help them reach their goals so more awareness can be spread!

If you love Goddess Delivers, we'd be so grateful if you considered giving us your vote! Simply head over to CCA's website and find us under the Delivery section (and vote for your favorite products, influencers, and more while you're at it!). Voting ends September 20th, so please invite any friends who share your appreciation for the Goddess, and tag us on socials at @goddessdeliversofficial and #CCAs19_Delivery_Goddess.

Thank you so much for your support!