There are many reasons we can get behind cannabis legalization, and job creation is just one of them!

With cannabis still illegal on a federal level, the Bureau of Labor Statistics does not report statistics in this industry. Thankfully, Leafly and Whitney Economics stood up to the plate to take on the daunting task of going state-by-state, tallying the number of full-time jobs cannabis has created.

As of 2019, there are now more than 211,000 jobs in this sector across the U.S., with 64,000 of those added in 2018 alone. They saw a 21% increase in cannabis jobs in 2017, 44% in 2018, and are on-track for 20% in 2019. What does this all mean? 110% growth in this field in only three years!

A few states that are really flourishing? Florida--which saw 703% (!!) increase in 2018--Nevada, Pennsylvania, and New York. Other states that have been legal for longer--Colarado, Washington, and California--are beginning to even out in terms of cannabis job growth.

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We're so excited to see what's to come with this industry.