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One Drop Advantage Topical Pain Relief (ODA)

One Drop Advantage Topical Pain Relief (ODA)


One Drop Advantage by DRX Biologics is a highly-concentrated topical relief formula that uses nanoparticles and amino acids to deliver fast-acting pain relief. This product was designed to target deep tissue stress caused be migraines and arthritis. With no odor or oily residue, One Drop Advantage is in a league of its own.


One Drop Advantage (ODA) is a revolutionary new topical formula that has yielded some amazing results. Using proprietary nanotechnology, ODA drives its cannabinoid distillate blend deep into tissues to relieve inflammation-based pain. These transdermal nanoparticles are activated by body temperature and rapidly enter the skin, enhancing the bioavailability and potency of the therapeutic cannabinoids.

One Drop Advantage has no unpleasant odor, oily residue, or toxic solvents, so you can sink back into a restful night of sleep without any worrying distractions. Some ODA users have reported pain relief that lasts from 6 hours to over 1 week from a single dose!

One Drop Advantage was created by Dr. Michael Oda, Ph.D., for his parents, who have suffered from chronic pain. He developed a cannabinoid formula that utilizes nanotechnology to amplify the pain relieving effects of cannabis while producing no psychoactive effects. Today Dr. Oda’s parents have seen massive improvement in their pain, and One Drop Advantage (ODA) may be able to do the same for you.


 Each bottle of One Drop Advantage contains 1.5mL of product
(Average Potency: 2.5mg of THC per container).

To use ODA, shake well, then apply one drop to clean, dry skin. Spread over palm sized area. Allow 3 minutes for effect and repeat as needed.
This product is intended for external use only. Do not apply internally or to broken skin.

Ingredients: Saline, Ethanol, THC/CBD Distillate. Amino acids manufactured and distributed by Apex Solutions.


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