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Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)

Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)

Afghan Kushdawg is a novice cross between Afghan Kush (Indica) and Diamond OG (Indica) by Nonesuch Farms.

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1g - Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)
4g - Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)
7g - Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)
14g - Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)
28g - Afghan Kushdawg (Indica-Hybrid)

Nonesuch Farms has grown this organic strain from two heavy-hitting indicas: Diamond OG and Afghan Kush. As expected from its lineage, one may experience relaxation, stress reduction, and general elevated mood when consumed. One may also take care to consume in evening, as you may feel sleepier after inhalation.

Large, chunky buds are moderately dense, with a little "give" when squeezed - a sign of desired moisture levels. These dark olive drab-tinted flowers are scattered with cocoa-colored pistils and honeysuckle-esque trichomes.

It exudes a terpene mixture of citrus and sweetness, and the taste is equally mellow in flavor.

This batch by Nonesuch Farms is grown artisanally sun-to-soil in Northern California. Using spring water and lab-tested seeds, this organic grow is impressive as a pesticide-free outdoor grow.

More Information
More Information
Flower Type Hybrid
Good For - Well-Being
- Euphoria
- Total Body Relaxation
- Stress Reduction
- Sleep Induction
Grow Type Outdoor
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

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