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About Goddess Delivers

Goddess Delivers was founded in 2011 as a medical marijuana delivery cooperative devoted to providing safe, discrete, and affordable access to cannabis with personalized online support. We take that caring approach to everything we do.

We’ve set up exclusive deals with cannabis growers and manufacturers to deliver the highest grade cannabis to our customers at the lowest possible cost, offering organic cannabis products whenever possible. We deliver to members everywhere in California so that mobility or geography isn't a barrier to access.

Beyond providing convenient cannabis delivery, Goddess Delivers' mission is to help our customers enhance their life by creating a safe, compassionate, and informed online community. Our small team strives to make a connection with each and every customer, listening to their needs so that we can provide personalize care and improve our services. 

The earth gives us our favorite plant, so Goddess Delivers is committed to 100% renewable energy. When possible, our cannabis deliveries are made using low emission/CNG vehicles.  

If you have any suggestions, please contact us! Get in touch with us at info@goddessdelivers.com or toll free at 1-855-GanjaGo (1-855-426-5246).

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